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lossless stream can be additianal to the regulars streams, of course, the users will had the choice.

I think the lossless codecs are in VBR, and because bitrate is very variable from one song to another, we will need :
- rework an hybrid open source codec for an cbr version (wavpack seems to be the most appropriate codec for this)
- or use wav 1411 kbps cbr (at condition wav can be a streamable format).

but no one windows software allow a lossless format for streaming, and I think it's an important point for some audiophiles/broadcasters.

lossless or hybrid lossless cbr bitrates can be provided by the broadcasters like a "premium" option (beacuse 256 kbps an mp3 premium payd stream is not a "super high quality", like as the Digitally Imported Radio's guy says !) is offline   Reply With Quote