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i know where you are coming from but as i've tried to explain, there are reasons why lossless is just not suitable for streaming unless the format is able to be split into packets easily - that is one of the main reasons why MP3 is still the main format used for streaming because it is well suited to it.

lack of player support for lossless formats, poor quality output on devices which nullify the effect of high bitrate / lossless output and most stations are not going to be able to afford the massively larger amount of bandwidth used even if sold as a 'premium' service just don't make it viable for lossless streaming. and there's also nor forgetting that lossless streaming makes it so much easier for stream-rippers just makes it a legal quagmire that i doubt anyone would want to attempt to go down.

maybe it will happen one day but as things currently stand, it is not something which is generally viable for pretty much all streams out there.

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