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Yes, it's true, for $50 speakers it's useless.

But even if it's not lossless, shoutcast let only the choice between mp3 and aac.

mp3 is a destroyer of quality, and aac is good only for low bitrates.

a lossless or hybrid solution could be provided only on the website of the radio station, and help to generate trafic with a "special thing".

maybe only 5 or 10 % are interested or capable to receive it, but others listeners stilll can listen on regular mp3.

in fact if 90% of listeners use regular mp3, a few lossless slots for real music lovers can't be too expensive for a webradio.

and I don't speak about webtv. I watch eurosport france, they had 2 500 kbps streams and less listeners than some webradios. but they need a lot of bandwith for video. And they can exist also.

I understand that lot of people isn't interested, don't had bandwith or speakers.

I just saying that, in 90's, we had mp3, poor quality, in 2010, we had eaac+, worse quality ever.

technology progress, but only in the way to save bandwith, not in the way to won quality. is it normal ?

listeners who had poor speakers or poor bandwith are probably happy, but there are some listener also who buy 1 500 $ super high quality speakers and who maybe don't want to listen mp3 with it !

personnaly I just have a jack cable to had pc sound on my hi fi stereo. everybody has an hi-fi stereo, and a jack cable isn't more than 5 €.

so, I'm agree with you but I also want to defending the opposite opinion : If I have 15 megabits and super speakers, why I still listen mp3 ?

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