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thx for your testing, its appreciated.

curiously, Egg hasn't responded. I hope he does.

anyway, you said a lot of things here, so i'd like to state things and you can tell me if it is correct or not:

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
They play in Winamp, but there might be something funky with them besides unusual bit rates and sample rates.
All except "greetings.flac" and "fine.flac" crash VLC.
All except "greetings.flac" are silent in Audacity.
"greetings.flac" is played only partially in VLC.

After re-encoding with ffmpeg, all those problems disappear.

But does that have anything to do with what you observe when playing the .m4a files?
I can't answer.
are you using the latest 5.7b without any 3rd p.plugins? OS?

I have not tested with VLC myself, but perhaps the problem is with VLC? i'm not saying there isn't a problem with the FLACs, but I would not know how to prove it one way or the other. I do use max compression, did you?

in any case, they all do play in winamp for you, yes? I see no odd behavior with the FLACs in winamp.

likewise, the m4a's all play, but I do see and hear odd behavior with them.

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
I see the weird bit rates of your.mp4 files. Mp3tag shows different bit rates, compared with the .flac files, but not even close to what Winamp shows.
you see the weird bitrates in the player window? do you see them alternate? sometimes too big, sometimes much smaller? so mp3tag agrees with winamps FLAC bitrate reporting, but not the m4a reporting? what about in winamp's view file info dialog?

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
I didn't notice any glaring difference in sound quality at first but while I was doing some testing, all kinds of weird shit happened when playing those short .m4a files.
Extreme static, an unchanging bit rate shown as each file was played, and then sometimes normal playback again, without any obvious pattern.
Maybe that's a result of the "rough" ALAC handling you describe.
I have not had any static or anything like that. do you use any 3rd party codecs? the audio differences were in loudness and tone. I sorted all the clips by title, and then played them all back to back, with some quality earbuds in my ears, and the differences, on some tracks were clearly obvious. can you try with headphones?

the rough ALAC/m4a handling was more about the editing of metadata and the manipulation of the files, but getting the bitrate right would come under that description as well. the m4a ALAC experience in winamp just doesn't feel as polished as most of the other formats, which is to be expected I guess, but I think it should be reported and fixed.

as an aside, interestingly, I haven't had any problems with the short tracks getting skipped doing this, (as per my sig), which is mildly surprising but might just be a fluke, (or due to changing/alternating formats).

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Transcoding these "corrected" .flac files to .m4a, again with ffmpeg, did not change their behaviour in Winamp.
that indicates to me that winamp itself has problems, at least with these kinds of ALACs.

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
So I guess the next step will be to find or create some pristine, short .m4a files and play around with them in Winamp.
I think it's best to remove the possibility that the original .flac files are the origen of any problems.
I would if I knew how to create ALACs, as opposed to transcode things into them. I suspect its the files specs, but i'm just guessing.

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Just in case it matters, the decoder used is Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer v2.62 (in_mp4.dll)
mine is 2.63

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
And just to be clear;
"After very careful consideration sir, I've come to the conclusion that yer new defence system sucks."
I would not recommend pissing on a sparkplug however.

BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
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Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing
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