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hehe.. this sounds familiar... i currently have a setup ver similar if not identical to what you are describing....

you want a staging server system... one private server for the djs to connect to, and one live server thats broadcasting archived content until the dj is ready to broadcast.. the dj can connect and be able to stream to the private instance of shoutcast to test their settings agaings the live stream. making sure audio levels match...the dj can enter in a custom song title, and click a button on a web form and the live server will begin to play content from the staging server. once they disconnect, it falls back to archived content (auto dj)...

remember, you can destroy someones soundsystem if the current audio is low volume the listener will be forced to turn up their volume levels on their stereos,etc.. if the dj come on has it cranked up.. you might blow out the listners entire system...

ill tell you what.. you can hit me up and we can discuss this further... in the mean time i will write up some docs on a few different ways to achieve this goal using current (and free!) streaming tools.
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