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Originally Posted by dopelabs View Post
ill have to go look at what features are specific to uv2.1... that cant be done using other tools...
multiple source streams to 1 instance of DNAS - i.e. your example above requires 4 instances of DNAS so that liquidsoap can source the 4 different bitrates, with sc_trans v2 you could do it with one DNASv2

edit: don't get me wrong, I think liquidsoap is the shiz. I've been pushing it around here for a while too! It's just the lack of "native" support for UltraVox 2.1 - if I could get my head around the ocaml language, I'd write it myself. I know the UltraVox 2.1 protocol fairly well, I've been writing stuff using it for a couple of years, just not source client (yet)

"If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

So I did
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