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Yes, multiple DNASv2 each with one stream is not much different to one DNASv2 with multiple streams from a system resource point of view

it's a little more complicated (for the average joe) to setup and maintain (the concept of different ports, multiple config files etc angers and confused some)

I agree that it many ways, it's a trivial issue, like all the minor features of DNASv2 that the liquidsoap method you show misses out on

But the features are there in DNASv2, so why not use them. Liquidsoap devs seem to think they are not legally allowed to use UltraVox 2.1 protocol (google it) - they are wrong, I think they just find the protocol too hard to implement and are using any excuse not to tackle it

"If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

So I did
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