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the v2 DNAS does support nsv but its very limited (seeing as nsv is dead and has been for a long time). I've seen 2 stations providing nsv streams with earlier v2 builds so I know it does work of sorts but its not really worth the hassle imho trying to support from any side of the fence as nsv playback support is very limited in clients (even if vlc supports it, there's just not the content).

apparently one of the main liquidsoap devs likes the SC2 protocol but was under the incorrect view point about the licensing - which has been clarified as not the case so will have to see what that clarification leads to.

as for multiple DNAS vs single for all streams, its all a matter of personal preference as to what people use. and its not like its not possible to have multiple v1 source clients connecting to a v2 DNAS with a bit of config tweaking i.e. using more ports subject to title updates not currently working on anything other than stream #1 in that setup for the v1 clients.

so the preferential is having everything in v2 mode but as that's not realistic, we've been adding in things where possible that allow for some of the v2 functionality for v1 fools (which is probably what should have been done from the very start but c'est la vie and is now something we're having to play catch up on).
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