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it's been thought about as well and some aspects of it are already in there (like the means to switch between one source and another if the original one drops).

but if we need to re-process the audio then we get into a mirky area with licensing (as re-eccoding technically needs to be licensed hence what sc_trans had implied on it). if we don't and we just re-align audio frames (which we've done to an extent with the 2.4 release - but needs more work for dropped sources and backup transitions) then can get around most of those sorts of issues.

the main thing i think we're going to see happen is some form of intro file usage being enabled to run when there's no source connected instead of just providing a non-connecting stream. but a full on playlist setup like sc_trans effectively did, i'm not sure and is probably something better served via a dedicated source than trying to bodge something into the DNAS (so i'm not going to commit to anything but it's been thought about).
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