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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
you would need to consult the RadioDJ forum / documentation on what it allows you to do (as i briefly tried to install RadioDJ but the mysql requirement was a no-no for me - for something it requires to run, it should be able to install things itself imho).
DrO You should know full well the reason RadioDJ doesn't come with MySQL bundled with it is due to Licencing issues! Oracle won't allow it to come with an installer for mysql.

it's Not the developer of RadioDJ's fault! If you can't be bothered working with SQL then that's your choice. Don't just tell others that they shouldn't use a product because of it!

Back to the OP:

Does anybody know how to send song title and artista to SHOUTcast server from RadioDJ?
If your encoding software supports metadata from a text file just point it to pick up from the C:\NowPlaying.txt file, you can set where you want the Now playing text file to populate to from the Now playing info plugin within RadioDJ.

I recommend using Altacast standalone with RadioDJ as it seems to handle metadata pretty well. A link to a download of Altacast can be found on my blog

If you should get stuck please feel fee to head over to the RadioDJ forums where we will be only too happy to help you.
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