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garybaldy72uk: if you're going to slag me off on twitter, facebook, etc again, then get your facts straight (as it's you who is being the troll!). i clearly aired my own views by using "imho" (something that seemingly cannot be done if it doesn't agree with your view) about installing it (and if licensing is an issue, there is nothing stopping it from using to provide the required functionality as many other free programs do). as for something that is claimed by you to be so much superior to everything, as a simple solution to get broadcasting (i.e. for noobs who don't know how to setup SQL, etc), then it's got a way to go and is why other solutions will still trump it irrespective of the possibly better feature set it provides over other source solutions.

and at no point did i tell DrChip's not to use RadioDJ and as can be clearly seen, i immediately pointed DrChip to looking at the help resources for said product - if that's telling someone to stop using it then you clearly are only seeing what you want to see.

so get your facts straight before you go off on another tirade based on false accusations! i don't care what people use as long as it's the right tool for the job - Winamp + Source DSP is for some, but not for all, hence why there is a large range of source clients available and i have been fully clear about that over the years.

and for someone who apparently quit here and all broadcasting forums, you seem to have a way of sticking your nose into things still.
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