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I didn't install it in MyDocuments, I put it a level above that in c:/users/johndoe/WinAmp so I'm certain to avoid write permission problems that I'd get under Program Files (x86). I avoid installing stuff off the root directory.

This working installation started life as version 5.8 cleanly since I'm not doing any fancy stuff with AAC or encoding or any of that. I just use it mainly to listen to online streaming scanner feeds since it's the only player that doesn't make it painful to see the alpha tags that tell you what channel you're hearing.

Plus, the happy fact that WinAmp doesn't search every local drive, every NAS folder, every networked everything scouring for files to add to its library and report back to the mother ship like so many of the Brand X players that really just behave like spyware. WinAmp is indispensable.
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