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One more question.
I need to register Internet Browser (Vivaldi or Opera, whatever) as system default browser in Windows 10 with my installer (in old Windows it was easy, but not in Win10). To do it, I add all needed entries to system registry (to know what entries need to be added I installed the browser on clean virtual system and set it as default) and opens system Settings applet.

I do it using the following code:
ExecShell "open" "$SYSDIR\control.exe" "/name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageDefaultProgram"

Finally I refresh the shell using this command:
System::Call "Shell32::SHChangeNotify(i ${SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED}, i ${SHCNF_IDLIST}, i 0, i 0)"

This opens this page ->

But, I would like to open this window:
Vivaldi can do this... I wonder how to do this programatically (in NSIS).

Do you maybe know the answer? Or anyone?
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