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Playlist File Location

Where does the playlists get saved?

Is it possible to change this location?

I use winamp on a couple machines, and have all the music centrally stored on a server.

I would like to have a single playlist that opens on all machines (saved in a central location). When I change the playlist on one machine, the changes would be apparent on the other machines too.

Is this possible?
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You can either edit paths.ini in the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp folder...

add an m3udir= line, eg.


Note that inidir = all settings/database/playlist/etc
m3udir = just main playlist only (winamp.m3u8), and will override inidir for said playlist.

{26}\Winamp = %appdata%\winamp

which under Win2k/XP = C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Winamp

and under Vista and Win7:

Or you can use a commandline switch for your Winamp shortcut icon(s), e.g.

"C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" /M3UDIR="X:\Path\To\Dir"

If you use the /INIDIR= switch instead,
then all settings & database etc will be written to and read from said dir.

More info here:
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Thanks for that.

I have placed "\\Server\Users\%username%\Data\Winamp" in the paths.ini file, and all is good.

The only short sight I did not think about is that if any local music or video is in the playlist for any reason this will obviously not be available on the other machines.
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