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DJ Egg
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Post All Winamp 5.21 Official Plugin Bug Reports In This Thread

Report ALL Winamp 5.21 Plugin bugs in this thread ONLY.


Here is a LIST of the Official Plugins and their Versions that shipped with 5.21

Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 3.5 [in_mp3.dll]
Nullsoft MIDI player 3.1 [in_midi.dll]
Nullsoft CD plug-in (CDDB2) v3.13 [in_cdda.dll]
Nullsoft Waveform Decoder v3.0 [in_wave.dll]
Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder v0.98 [in_dshow.dll]
Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v1.44 [in_vorbis.dll]
Nullsoft Module Decoder v2.2.2 [in_mod.dll]
Nullsoft NSV Decoder v1.07 [in_nsv.dll]
Nullsoft MPEG-4 Audio Decoder v0.8 [in_mp4.dll]
Nullsoft Windows Media Decoder 3.1 [in_wm.dll]
Nullsoft LineIn plugin v3.11 [in_linein.dll]

DirectSound Output v2.42 (d) [out_ds.dll]
Waveout output v2.1 (d) [out_wave.dll]
Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in v2.11 [out_disk.dll]

Advanced Visualization Studio v2.81b [vis_avs.dll]
MilkDrop 1.04d [vis_milk.dll]
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen 2001 v2.07 [vis_nsfs.dll]

Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP v0.36 [dsp_sps.dll]

CD Ripping Encoders:
AAC/aacPlus Encoder v1.2 [enc_aacplus.dll]
MP4 AAC/aacPlus Encoder v1.2 [enc_aacplus.dll]
MP3 Encoder v1.3 [enc_lame.dll] (with lame_enc.dll 3.97 b2)
WAV Output (built-in)
WMA Encoder v1.1 [enc_wma.dll]

General Purpose:
Nullsoft Tray Control v1.0 [gen_tray.dll]
Nullsoft Global Hotkeys v1.31 [gen_hotkeys.dll]
Nullsoft Winamp Library v2.3 [gen_ml.dll]
Nullsoft Modern Skins Support v1.11 [gen_ff.dll]
Jump To File Extra v0.97 R (build 16) [gen_jumpex.dll]

Media Library:
SHOUTcast Wire v1.03 [ml_wire.dll]
Online Services v1.00 [ml_online.dll]
ml_xpdxs (Predixis MusicMagic) v1.0.4 [ml_xpdxs.dll]
Portable Music Player Support v1.0 [ml_pmp.dll]

Creative NJB Plug-in v0.2 [pmp_njb.dll]
iPod Plug-in v0.4 [pmp_ipod.dll]
Microsoft Plays For Sure Plug-in v0.4 [pmp_p4s.dll]


Provide the following Information with every Report, and with every CONFIRMATION of someone else's report:

Winamp 5.21 - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
Windows OS, including Service Pack
System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
Video Card, Video Card Drivers version
Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version
DirectX version
Plugin and Plugin version affected by/causing the bug

If applicable, also include Error Logs and/or FULL Error Messages.

To reproduce some bugs, we may also need a link to a zipped sample file
(eg. an .mp3, .aac, .wav, .mid file, etc).

The more information you provide US, the Faster we can or will help you.

Incomplete/lame (aka: impossible to reproduce) reports will probably just be ignored.

Do NOT report ANY 3rd-party plugin bugs/issues here.
Report them to the author(s) instead (and point them to the 5.04 sdk)

Maintained by DJ Egg
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