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Can only hear music out of one speaker :S

since about winamp4 I've only been getting sound out of one headphone/speaker... I thought it was a bug, but after getting sick and tired of Winmid sucking up all my resources and being slow and ugly. I finally DLed the latest version... and STILL I only get sound out of one headphone >_< and always the left.
This is the same for 3 work computers, my home PC and laptop!
I wana use the best mp3 player there is, but this is just annoying *sobs* is it just because it's the basic version? or am I missing something?

Please help!

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are your speakers plugged in properly?

is the speaker balance set to center?

theirs no limitation in winamp for this.
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tehe, I would be insulted by that if I knew ppl wernt so, umm, nieve sometimes ^_^, it was the first thing I checked, even though I was using headphones, checked all my sound setting, checked to see if it happened when using winmid/RP/QT/Divx/loads of other players I have to use day to day... it's only winamp I'm having this problem with, and as I said it's on a number of computers, work and personal and it's a generic problem.

any other ideas? but that's anyway, it could be something really noobish I'm missing.

need it to work >_<
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