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Making Winamp AVS presets....

Just Curious...What All Do You Need To Know To Make The Visualasations?
I`m A 3D graphics Enthusiast That wants To know how to start and where to start on making the presets.
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1. Read the FAQ
2. Read the tips and tricks thread
3. Read the second tips and tricks thread.
4. Search the forums
5. search the forums again
6. Make a bunch of presets using your newfound knowledge of SSCs / DMs / Movements.
7. Post it in the Presets subforum

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You don't need to know much, really. Just mess with stuff and try to figure out what everything does and then try to make some of your own stuff.
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If you want to make 'advanced' 3D presets than having a good knowledge of 3D graphics programming will help too since you can convert a lot of techniques (things like raytracing, lighting, projective shadowing, blended fog, hidden surface removal) to avs in some cases.

-- Jheriko

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i agree with jheriko. i've learnt everything i know from...

1. UnConeD
2. El-Vis
3. Nemorange
4. Tuggimmi
5. Gonzalo

... with a little bit of guesswork and trial and error thrown in.
You have to admit that is a short list.
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and normal capital usage on the forums is welcome as well

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