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Originally Posted by thedicemaster View Post
now a feature request from me: some more widgets!
most media players come with widgets of different sizes(4x1, 2x2, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4)
personally i'd like to see a widget that focusses less on song info(not everyone wants album art), and more on (big) buttons(for an example, look at the 4x1 widget in grooveshark mobile)
I agree. The current widget looks terrible. It's enormous and has a lot of dead space. Personally, I love 2x2 and then 4x1 best, both with album art in the widget AND last/next track buttons.

Originally Posted by Nasty64 View Post
We need to be able to tell Winamp to play music from the music directory rather than from any directory (so it doesn't play ringtones, etc).
Completely agree with this request mentioned numerous times on this thread.

Originally Posted by mkrstf View Post
I miss one feature from all players: "Enqueue as next track"
I'm very happy that you implemented the enqueue to (the end of) playlist feature and also that there is a button to show all songs from the current songs' album so please never remove this feature

Enqueue next would be very useful when you want to queue a song just after the now playing one. If there's a chance please add it to the menu (where you can Play, Enqueue, Add to playlist, Use as ringtone, Delete). I hope I don't ask for too much.
Wholeheartedly agree here also.

Next, and onto my own comments: I think the now playing screen is pretty weak. The album art is very small in the top third of the screen. Alas, the now playing details in the middle third is an enormous waste of space. It could be a LOT smaller and offer the album art or a visualization (not my preference, but some like visualizations) a lost more space to fill out the screen.

It would be great if you added a 'genre' section as well. Some players have this (PlayerPro) and it's fantastic. Please add in a future release if possible.

The artist icon (microphone) on the now playing screen looks more like a voice recorder button. I guess I could get used to it after a while but it wasn't so intuitive on first seeing it. Maybe the head and shoulders icon from other media players would be more intuitive? Then again, your current button may be from your desktop application.

Just a comment on the lock screen: it's great. One of the better music control lock screens offered. Well done. But, it would all the better if it could integrate 'into' the existing lock screen so the slider worked right away rather than having to press a button (onscreen or the back/home buttons) to gain access to the slider.

Thanks for the read.

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