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Known Winamp 5.0 Beta Bugs Updated Nov 15/03

Here is a List of Winamp 5.0 Beta 2 Known Bugs

As of Nov 15/2003

The Arrow <-> on the menu doesn't change back to a regular icon.
-Fixed in Beta 2

Hitting Eject then dragging a file in Explorer to any folder causes winamp to go crazy.

Scrollwheel in other windows (eg. now playing) controls main volume
-Fixed in Beta 5

Exact window sizes/positions not remembered with classic skins
-Fixed in Beta 2

Classic playlist titlebar appears first when opening with modern skins.
-Fixed in Beta 2

"Exit Winamp" tooltip for all windows (modern skin -> top right corner x buttons)
-Fixed in Beta 2

Disable screensaver in fullscreen mode (Prefs -> video) is borked.
-Fixed in Beta 2

Set Skins Dir crashes Winamp
-Fixed in Beta 2

On launch The playlist is empty, but its not.
-Fixed in Beta 2

"When you remove the Menu from the Main Skin, the Windows Don't dock properly underneath."
-Fixed in Beta 5

"There are Multiple Other Docking Issues, when done playing videos, and player Resizes and so forth."
-Fixed in Beta 5

Seekbar is seekable with nonseeking videos (causing video to freeze)

All right click menu issues with winamp minimized to systray
(eg. ghost classic EQ)

Custom scaling / resize bug in main window
-Fixed in Beta 5

Classic skins: If Winamp was closed in minimized state, Playlist (and video) windows are maximized on reopening Winamp.

-More Soon!

note: not all confirmed bugs from the reports thread have been added here,
mainly because they have already been fixed in latest internal build.

Things what not to report:

1) Anything to do with internationalization / fonts / unicode (all known)

Not Bugs

1) Any features missing from Winamp3.
Winamp 5 is built on the Winamp 2.x Win32 engine, not Winamp3.
Winamp3 was a separate product/player built from scratch on the wasabi engine.
Unlike Winamp3, Winamp 5 upgrades and overwrites Winamp 2.x

2) Some wsz & wal skins look different than they did in Winamp 2.x & Winamp3

3) Some 3rd-party general/input plugins mess up the main menus

4) Anything else caused by any 3rd-party plugin (some might need updating).

5) Winamp3 components aren't recognized (WAC is not supported by Winamp)

6) Multimedia Keyboards. Contact the Company once Winamp 5.0 is complete so they can provide you with updated drivers.

Appended by DJ Egg : 14th-22nd Oct 2003

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