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library advice / duplicate albums


I've always used Winamp as my player and recently started getting 'serious' about my audio collection. I found that MediaMonkey is great (perhaps) for organizing a library but is butt ugly as a player. Windows Media Player doesn't include Ogg and Flac in its library even though you can get DirectShow filters for it. iTunes suffers from the same. So I turned again to Winamp to see how I can make the most of its library cq. jukebox functionality.

Now everything seems to go swell and I still have to fix my entire library in terms of tags and such. Using MusicBrainz Picard to update tags and MediaMonkey to download album art.

My plan is to separate all albums into genres and then use a tool to set every music file in those subdirectories to the specified genre, so my file-based organisation will mirror my genre settings. To hell with 'proper genres', I will just use genre for organisation.

Now I don't care that much for FLAC cause I can't hear the difference anyway, but I do store all my original CDs in FLAC format just in case I ever need to burn it again. The way I have set it up, is to have an "albums/genre/artist - album/" hierarchy as well as my flac archive in "flac-archive/artist - album/".

In the past I would *normally* only use the albums hierarchy, but sometimes I would traverse the flac-archive hierarchy.

Now at first sight I would just venture to dump both hierarchies into the Winamp library, but a problem surfaces. If Winamp finds a duplicate album, it will list the tracks from both directories in the album view, meaning that all tracks get listed twice, once in mp3 version and once in flac version.

So question number one: Is it mandatory to remove duplicate albums from the library?

Question number two: What would you advise me to do?

What I can do is just remove all flac albums from the /albums/ hierarchy, put all of them in the /flac-archive/ hierarchy, then transcode them all to 320kbps mp3, dump those versions back into /albums/, and then just only load /albums/ (and /various/ and /soundtrack/) into the Winamp library.

That has the added benefit of making it easier to sync or copy my library to low-capacity devices such as my netbook and my mobile phone. I will then also get rid of all Ogg Vorbis albums if I can to ensure broader compatibility, but that's something of a loose end.

It seems like a sensible way to proceed. Would love to hear what you have to say on any of this - I'm just treading my way through the river of music organisation.

I won't be doing any streaming in my home. The PC and the netbook will just drive the receivers/radios. I'll probably get a bluetooth dongle/receiver to make it a lil easier. That means in all likelyhood I will be running Winamp on both devices.
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