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Genre problem

I'm seeing several genres not working correctly such as 'Pop Reggae' listing 'Pop' stations and 'Rock Steady' listing 'Rock' stations.

Is this a known issue? And can someone clarify how you're meant to reference genres such as these in shoutcast so they're listed correctly in the directory (e.g: should we use quotes or comas, etc)?

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the search on the site is somewhat fuzzy and with those genres it ends up doing a partial match on what seem like unrelated results when it ideally shouldn't be.

due to the mess that comes from v1 based streams and them having partial / multiple genres specified, the system attempts to find the best genre from that (though people were told about the one genre change years ago) and in some cases the station will seemingly appear in the wrong genre.

so yes it is known and is unfortunately expected behaviour with how the site currently works when dealing with genres with common terms found in other ones. the best way for a station to ensure it's doing what it can to be listed in the correct genre is to primarily use the v2 DNAS and if that is not viable at the time, ensure only one genre from http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=303241 is used.

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Dj Mambito
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The problem is in the listings page (programming/scripts)
ofcourse if stations have there genre´s wrong...then that will
become clear in the listings...but it should put them back (lower ranking)
and not in front of me who has a correct genre....and me is struggling/working hard
to get a top-rank...and i dont like to be blown away by some station that plays
much more popular (but other genre)'music...that is not fair !

I have nothing to do with any mess caused by anything
v1 , v2 , what do i care , excuses to why things are so dont solve the problem.

I´m not a fan of being outranked by stations that show up with the same genre
as i play...while in reality they are totally unrelated...and dont play what their (wrong genre) says and that is not becuase they on purpose wrong-genre their station.

So its not only about a station itself being listed correct itself
its also about other stations overranking me in my genre while they are not in my genre
That is a much more unwanted behaviour since it affects others that have their genres correct...its only one of the many flaws/bugs in the shoutcast-rank-list.

There´s not many people going to report these errors...simply cause they are to lazy
or dont care or dont understand what is going on...so the very little bug reports you get from those that obviously know what they are talkling about (cause they have spend time researching it) should be worth gold to you.

Anyway i have told you all above...months ago, it has been useless (as usual)
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I appreciate the explanation, thanks. It's how I understood it to work.
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