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No "current song" metadata

Hi guys, I searched but could only find posts several years old referencing v1 servers.

I have a Shoutcast v2 server running with WinAmp 5 > DSP. It's public, listed in yp2, and is streaming fine.

The problem is the "current song" does not display on a Winamp client, nor on the DNAS server page. Oddly, the "next song" DOES display (but when that songs becomes current, no metadata is displayed). [[Rarely, a song will display in current song, but I cannot determine how or why that is any different from normal. When this does happen, it only shows the song title, not the artist - title it should]]

To further complicate things, on the page, when I search for my station (wclp) the song listed as "now playing" is actually the next song. When playing the station on, on the player at the bottom of the browers, it says information not entered by broadcaster.

*notably, TIT2 is empty

<metadata><TIT2></TIT2><TALB>Volume One</TALB><TYER>1994</TYER><TCON>Rap</TCON><
TENC>SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.2.190</TENC><TRSN>WCLP - hip hop with other herbs
and spices</TRSN><WORS></WORS><extension><title seq="1"
></title><title seq="2">Roots, The - Sacrifice (feat. Nelly Furtado)</title><soo
n>Roots, The - Sacrifice (feat. Nelly Furtado)</soon></extension></metadata>

Winamp 5.65
Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP 2.3.2
Shoutcast DNAS Server v2 (sc_serv.exe > calls sc_serv_public.conf (which calls basic)

Output 1
MP3 encoding @ 192 / 44 / stereo
Follow Winamp's title updates & send next track both selected
Sending stream and file artwork

; NOTE: for any relative paths specified are relative to
; sc_serv and not to where the conf file is being stored


; here we will setup where the log and other related files
; will be stored. make sure that these folders exist else
; sc_serv will throw an error and will close itself down.
; we will make the logs save to the sc_serv2 directory

; for testing we will make the server only work locally
; (i.e. localhost / though if this is left out
; or set to publicserver=always then we attempt to make a
; connection to the YP for listing - do not forget to add
; in a 'streamauthhash' value for any public streams made

; if you're wanting to use a different port to use for any
; connections then you can use this option e.g. to use 80
; otherwise port 8000 is used as the default to listen on.

; password used by sc_trans or the Winamp dsp plug-in
; NOTE: remember to change this to something else

; password used for accessing the administation pages
; NOTE: remember to change this to something else

; now we will specify the details of the stream we're going
; to serve which can be done as follows

; or

; it can be done like this which is how it needs to be done
; if you are going to provide multiple streams from sc_serv

; NOTE: for any relative paths specified are relative to
; sc_serv and not to where the conf file is being stored

; we use the sc_serv_basic.conf configuration file as the
; base configuration to work from for a public server

; due to the way configuration files work we can replace an
; existing value like 'publicserver' with a newer value so
; the following will force any sources to be public which
; allows us to then connect and be listed on the YP

; as we are going to connect to the YP then we need to fill
; in the required options so we can authenticate to the YP2
; see sc_serv.txt - section 3.0 for details on getting this
; make sure that you completely replace the string
; <enter_your_auth_key_here> with the authorisation key you
; obtained when registering the stream for the SHOUTcast YP
; e.g. if you auth hash key is 12345 then the line would be
; streamauthhash=12345

Any ideas? This all worked fine on my Shoutcast v1 set up, so I have no reason to blame my mp3 tags.

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