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WinAMP5 and the Logitech diNovo media keys

I'm trying to set up my new Logitech diNovo keyboard/mouse with WinAMP5. I have an unusual system where play/pause is always just pause (as my music autoplays) and the stop button turns on and off shuffle (as the music only stops when the computer does). This was no problem to set up with my older Logitech keyboard but their players.ini system has changed:

WinAmp5=cmd,winamp.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,40045,40046,40047,40044,40048,0,1,WinAmp 5

Those numbers refer to what signals the keyboard sends WinAMP. The first two are play and pause so it's no problem to change this to purely a pause button by setting it's play command to be the same as the pause command. The problem is getting stop (40047) to be shuffle as I don't know what, if anything, the number is. Could someone please clear this up for me?
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I've got it working now by c&p'ing the working configuration from before in. I can'thelp but feel that this isn't the best way of doing things, else Logitech wouldn't have changed. I tried to get the correct code by trial and error but I got nothing so this will have to do unless someone can enlighten me.

This is the line you have to replace over the old WinAMP5 line if you want a configuration like I have:
WinAmp5=key,winamp.exe,Winamp v1.x,xxx,xxx,C,C,S,Z,B,0,1,WinAmp 5
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You have to customize your user.xml file. Install the Command Plugin (Download: http://www.winamp.com/plugins/details.php?id=137742). Then download my user.xml file here: http://home.t-online.de/home/kiefer.markus/ In this user.xml file, find the Play and Stop Buttons (there are two, one for the keyboard and one for the Mediapad) and replace the parameters with your favourite one. Copy the whole content to your user.xml, save it and set the write-protection. Then it should works. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany ;-)
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