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Allow multiple instances disabled,can still launch multiple instances from start menu


Downloaded winamp 5.601 today. I have the "allow multiple instances" checkbox unchecked but I'm still able to launch multiple instances from the Windows Start Menu and taskbar shortcuts. I'm running Windows 7 professional 32-bit. Clean install of Winamp - no plugins.

Machine is Lenovo SL510 Laptop - Core 2 duo T6670 @ 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM

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DJ Egg
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Have you closed and reopened (the first instance of) Winamp since installing it?
ie. have you closed Winamp since first run?

The reason I ask is because the installer runs in elevated/admin mode and therefore also launches Winamp in elevated mode.

There's a number of known issues related to running Winamp in admin mode, including:
1. Drag+Drop from Explorer doesn't work (same for all programs)
2. Double-clicking files (or multiple-selected folders) in Explorer launches new instances of Winamp

There's also ways to force a new instance of Winamp even with "Allow multiple instances" unchecked, eg.
1. Ctrl+Alt+N = hotkey to spawn new instance of Winamp (when Winamp is the focused app)
2. Edit the commandline for a Winamp shortcut to include the /NEW switch
3. Edit the registry commandline values for associated filetypes to include the /NEW switch

However, under normal/unchanged circumstances, I can't reproduce the problem.
Anyone else?
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Old 16th December 2010, 07:46   #3
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I had a similar issue with new instances being opened from selecting files in Explorer. It's gone now, after reinstalling. All I did differently was to not launch Winamp from the installer the second time around.
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i think i've mentioned this before, but i've had a number of issues with this.

first, i can't get multiple instances running correctly. if i have it checked to allow it, the second one seizes up and crashes and then they both crash. in other words, afaik, you CAN'T run multiple instances successfully even if you want to. (i never see the ML on the second one, it stays grey)

secondly, i usually don't want to, so i have it unchecked. HOWEVER, it often happens to me that i will already have winamp open, and then i have a P2P program open, like frostwire, and i click on something a DL'd, and frostwire is unaware of the existing instance of winamp, and launches a second one, which ends up crashing just like the first example.

i think you would have winamp open first, then open frostwire, then let some time pass, then try to open a file from frostwire. the computer may or may not need to sleep to reproduce. it might also reproduce if you have frostwire open first, and you then start winamp outside of frostwire, and then try to play a file in frostwire.

i haven't really been paying much attention to all of this b/c i didn't think there was much interest in solving these issues, but if you now are looking to do so, i will pay closer attention and report it back.

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