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Steve Morgan
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Winamp Portability


I think that Winamp is the greatest media player, bar none, I have used it for many years throught its various incantations without issue(well, no major ones anyway).
My request is, can you, or would you, make it portable in the sense that it could be installed on portable devices such as smart phones? In particular for me, I would love a version for the Nokia N900 runing Maemo, the only media player options for Maemo currently available suck. I believe that there would also be a demand for Winamp on Apple iphones too. Currently, there are some places where it is just not practical to take your PC or Laptop with you in order to run Winamp. IN addition, if you want to promote Winamp then this is a good way to do it, since it will be on public display where ever you may take it.
Keep up the good work.


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This is similar to this post:
and all the "we want winamp on linux" posts

While I do think "winamp on linux" may be a valid demand because it would be a port of a desktop application to another desktop operating system (although probably it will never happen), winamp on a mobile device would require starting a new media player from scratch.

Putting winamp on a mobile device would require a completely new interface and codebase. It would be completely different to the desktop version in almost every way except for it's looks (maybe).

When you say you want winamp on your mobile device, are you wanting something that looks like winamp? because this can be achieved by creating a skin for another media player.

I don't think Winamp will ever be created as a mobile application, at least not in the near future. It would be completely to the desktop application anyways.
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Steve Morgan
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Winamp portability

Thanks for your reply Xebozone.

I don't just want a skin that looks like Winamp for an existing media player, I want something that operates like Winamp. I wasn't aware that there was another post similar to my request, so thanks for pointing that out. Sorry to hear that this is not likley to happen anytime soon, depsite the fact that the Nokia N900 is the first phone device to be able to lay any claim to being like a PC with its own proper linux type OS with a phone added on, rather than a standard single tasking phone type OS. I still think it would be a far better way to promote Winamp than just wearing a winamp t-shirt. Anyhow, here's hoping...
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