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Mouse gets stuck to volume - anyone seen?

Consistent bug:
1. In windowshade mode (the one where it's just a thin strip at the top of the screen?), click and drag volume slider to new setting
2. Click on another window
3. Volume slider moves to position directly vertically in line with new mouse click. Then, when you move the mouse over the slider, the slider moves with the mouse as if you were holding it down.

It's such an annoying (frequently blast out your ears), obvious bug that anyone who'd experienced it would surely have reported it, but I can't find any mention of it. So it's probably confined to some strange combination of installed software or something? My only workaround is to click and drag the slider, then carefully click somewhere else in the winamp window before clicking away. Alternatively, avoiding clicking on the slider and just using the mouse wheel.

Anyway before going through the whole bug reporting process (which took forever last time ), can anyone let me know if this rings a bell at all? Version 5.21 (x86) - Mar 10 2006. Running XP and probably lots of other stuff.

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Can't reproduce this... Anyone?

Looking at the HijackThis log you posted here, maybe the Logitech MouseWare software has something to do with it? Dunno...

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Yes this happens to me too

This has driven me slightly mad, forever. It has been present in Winamp as far back as I remember (at least 4 versions, I'd guess) and is present in the current version (5.58) as I write this.

For me, it *sometimes* sticks tot he volume control and usually then manifests as the volume going to zero. However, it more often in my case sticks to the "seeker" slider. In that case, there are two sliders showing: the actual progress of the audio is a very light (dim) slider, and the one stuck to the mouse is bright and moves independently of the dim one. Clicking off the windowshade, anywhere on the desktop or in another window does not reposition the dim one; the audio progresses normally. So for me, the effect of this bug is *usually* only annoyance to the part of me that is bugged by imperfection....

I'm on WinXPP-SP3-X86. I've observed this bug with the windowshade of the "Winamp Modern" skin and cannot immediately comment on other skins just now. This affects the windowshade of the Main Window, and also the Playlist Editor windowshade.
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