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M3U from windows and winamp android

I have m3u playlists from winamp (windows7) and when i want open there in winamp (android) i wan't opening they (folder playlists ist empty) why?
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M3U is a computer file format that stores multimedia playlists of your songs... so when you save a playlist in .m3u format it saves the path of the track (like c, d, e,f drive) where the file is located, even if you move or delete a particular file from that playlist it will not play in any music player, likewise when you try to play from your android devices as it can not recognize the path and says its empty.
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i just reset the password to an account i haven't used in over 2 years to tell you how wrong you are. the m3u is not a special file format, its a text file with a "custom" extension. the m3u file does not *need* to contain path information.

all you need to make a playlist is notepad, not some special computer formatted file making application. you simply copy and paste the file name (with extension), placing each file on a new line. then save as .m3u. you can even save as .txt and rename to .m3u.

when i drag music to my phone i simply move over the folder, playlist and all, to the music directory. i've never had a problem.
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He is probably thinking of a wmp11 playlist. It is an xml file and it does include the path to the file (including a network path if used). But on the plus side wmp will NOT copy the playlist file across, it will only copy the files pointed to.
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