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Confused Radionomy User Here...

I know this isn't the best place for what is predominately a Radionomy radio station streaming problem, but I feel like I'm cornered due to the site's lack of help with the Winamp/Shoutcast service. If I'm allowed to be heard out, here's my somewhat simple issue:

So I'm ready to stream live on my station with the Winamp service, which I dig by the way -- and just about everything is set up to connect and broadcast away... BUT, due to obvious legal reasons, I'll be needing to stream hourly ads of course. So Radionomy wants me to somehow get a hold of these adverts that automatically play on my station already, and have me manually activate them at the start of each hour.

Problem: I don't know how to use ads on Winamp, and so far it seems like Radionomy expects me to already know. They sent me a link to the official insructions of how to go about this, BUT -- half of this is like Greek to me. Please give it a look if you can, and see if you can clear this up for me in more laymens terms: https://board.radionomy.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=96

Again, I'm sorry if this isn't the place, but I have no where else to go since Radionomy has been indirect and not so helpful since I started in 2014. Just how to stream adverts is all I need. Thank you.
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Here's my interpretation, from somebody who has never broadcast anything:

Radionomy doesn't care if you play your advertisements. To the contrary, you are not allowed to use paid advertisements in this context.
But they require, through the Radio Producer's Pact, that you allow them to play their ads in the countries where it is allowed.
The method requires every station to include trigger files in their playlists. This is not specific to Winamp.

Radionomy has given specifications for the creation of trigger files and how to use them.
If you're unable to create and tag an audio file, then you have bigger problems than you think and this is probably not the place to solve them.

In countries that allow Radionomy ads, Radionomy will insert whatever ad they want in place of a trigger file.
In countries that do not allow Radionomy ads, the trigger file itself will play.
There is no requirement that it must be an advertisement.

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