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Significant listener drop since stream recreated

Hi everyone. First post so please go easy on me. I've got a bit of a weird issue that I was hoping someone might have some insight into.

I am using ShoutCastCity as my streaming host and have been very happy with them. When I initially set up my stream, I was surprised to see that I had over 1,000 unique listeners in 30 different countries within 5 days of turning the station on. I was averaging 20 + concurrent listeners and growing every day, all by only running the auto DJ 24/7.

Well, since ShoutCastCity used a shortened version of my full name in the stream address, I asked them to change it to random letters due to privacy concerns. They removed the original stream and set up a new one. This was about 2 weeks ago.

Since then, I've had barely over 100 unique listeners total and 99% of the time I have only one or zero listeners at any given time. I've been running very similar programming the whole time.

Was the initial rush just a fluke and I shouldn't expect to recreate that? Or is there something I or the host company could have done to cause this to happen.

Thanks for the input!
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a lil help for our friends

I too have a Shoutcast Host , and one day I was wondering if I was still on YP , ya know YP TOUCHED.....

I looked at my logs , sure enough I saw the IP of the Yellow Pages ( YP ) and I knew I was still listed in the YP here at shoutcast.

You should have the ability to download or view your logs , access logs, error logs etc .

Just look for an IP that starts with 205 , and in a bracket it may look like this : < yp >

I just cant recall 100% where I found mine, perhaps each host is diff - But the yp is never diff and the 205 ( start of the yp IP address ) once you see the entry , you will know your host has no issues with the yp directory .

You could also submit a support ticket with your question .

It maybe a hosting issue where by your hoster is some how not sending the sources for a shoutcast server to the yp...ya never know...its doubtful that it would be intentional.

Post if you found the issue , many people have had your question on the mind , so to speak.

best of Luck.
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