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Would people like a rap and rock station?

I understand that it takes time to build a listener base in shoutcast, but would a station like mine survive? We play rap and rock. For the rap we like to play newer stuff. Some of it is mainstream from the charts, but we also add other hits from the artists' that aren't on terrestrial radio. We also sprinkle it with some rap artists that arent mainstream. Overall, we do the same for the rock. We want to break new artists. We also have a show where we premiere new music. During this show we also talk about other topics going around and we take calls on the topics. (It's not like news talk topics, it's more like a morning show). What do you guys think? Would people listen to this kind of station?
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I tried this once before with a former station of mine and it didn't take off too good. I tried to model it after the SiriusXM station Faction. Its a hard format to market because most people who would listen would be listening for either the rock song or the rap song playing and as soon as the other track from the other genre played they would drop off the stream.
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Difficult to say. With some luck, I can see it working. I know a lot of people down here who listen to playlists of specifically "rap and rock." From my small experience in internet radio stuff, it seems like people tune in mostly for the talking (if it's quality), so it sounds like you have a pretty good plan. I'd give it a shot, but that's just me.
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