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Is the transcoder necessary to broadcast MP3?


I've been broadcasting shoutcast for quite a while now using Shoutcast Server & Winamp+DSP plugin.

Then I want to broadcast Mp3 files and bought the mp3 unlock key, and put it in my sc_serv.conf file (is this correct?)

I was assuming that Shoutcast Server & Winamp+DSP plugin setup is enough to broadcast Mp3 files, but it seems that it is not recognizing my license key and no sound is coming out if I use mp3 as the encoder setting through Winamp+DSP.

So is it possible to broadcast Mp3 just using that setup? or do I need the transcoder in addition with all those?

If my current setup is possible, where is the correct place to put the unlock key?
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the transcoder (sc_trans) is what uses the mp3 license key.

You dont need one for the DSP (winamp plugin)

this is all you need actually
SC_SERV (server)

Winamp with DSP (source)

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i'm not sure where / why people are getting this idea that you need to buy the license other than for sc_trans (which clearly is stated on the download page as only being to do with sc_trans as per 'Note: In order to broadcast in MP3 format you will need to purchase an MP3 encoding license. Click here to get license key now.' and as per the multiple copies of the documentation shipped with the tools and on the wiki -> http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...tream_Encoding

so back to the original question, Winamp + Source DSP does not require a license (it probably should but it doesn't) and is why there is _nowhere_ to enter it.

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Aww.. Since whenever I changed the encoder setting in Winamp DSP to Mp3 it won't broadcast any sound, I assumed that it needs an MP3 license key.

Since I've bought the license already, maybe I'd experiment around on the transcoder.

But, in the meantime, do you have any idea why the Winamp DSP won't broadcast any sound when the encoder is changed to MP3?

And just for info, I wanted to broadcast in Mp3 because I think that the shoutcast directory list would only allow On Click playback if we broadcast in Mp3 right? Otherwise AAC radio will make the listener download a playlist file to be played in their favorite media player.

Thanks for the response
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what version of Winamp and the Source DSP are you using? in fact it might be easier to just attach a copy of a plug-ins list (as per http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....161361#plugins). and are you trying to capture Winamp's output or a soundcard input? does the Source DSP show the connection is running and bytes are being sent?

the site's flash player only supports mp3 playback currently though relying on that as the only way for people to play your stream isn't a good thing to do (though is your choice). the opening of the playlist actually happens be it a mp3 or an aac+ stream but is just due to the site player being able to play mp3 that it doesn't display the external download prompt.

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