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What internet radio platform do you use?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum here and I'm wondering -- for those who produce internet radio stations -- what is the best setup to use? I'm looking to minimize cost (free if possible) and get online ASAP. What do you like about your setup??

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I went with Radionomy, though I'm now asking them whether they can support the newest version of Shoutcast for the "go live" feature...
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You can broadcast FREE (But you must pay royalties see my signature below) and make money using RadioLoyalty. RadioLoyalty is an Icecast server and you can make $$ via the ads you generate. Basically you would send what I rever to as a dummy audio file Lenco_30_AD, Lenci_60_Ad ect. The 30 represents that your taking a 30 second break and the 60 would be of course 60 second break. I do it at 15 finutes after the hour and make quite a little bit from the ad impressions. RadioLoyalty can also work with your own Shoutcast server as well but you won't make as much money as it would only use ad banners.

If you need to hear would this sounds like you can hear my station @ http://thelegacyfm.tk

Hope this helps those who need a good FREE host and want to keep their station legal. You should make enough money via the ads that your Royalties are covered when you use the service in my signature for your license.

Great Broadcasting Software Windows XP/7/8

For Progressive Rock, Classic Rock http://thelegacy.shorturl.com
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Thanks for the info. I think I'll stick to Radionomy though...they are completely free...streaming, servers and all music rights paid worldwide. I may not be as technical as you, so this simple solution is the one I'd recommend. Also, they have a really strong community...lot's to listen to and many people who'll listen to your station.
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Well I have a Station , I did use my PC way back when - the re buffering issue I could not live with...thats when you have too high a Bandwidth set and a medium internet feed, heck you could have a Fiber line...but Bandwidth does run out...unless...

I found a shoutcast hosting company , that gave me 25 listeners , 256 kbps , stereo , web space - Unlimited bandwidth .

Now Ive been a Radio DJ for many yrs, however in the early 80's I was in a band that had 2 albums out , I wrote every song but 1 , it was a co write with the keyboard player.

In Canada , in the early 90's we had a thing called SOCAN WEEK...DJ's dread this week...

So I called the keyboard player as we remained very good buds...and said " Ill play our 2 albums every weekend , Ill sneak them in , write the name of the song / then song writer "

And I said " lets see how many checks we get " laughing at this silly experiment

I had registered with SOCAN and ASCAP , back when you only paid a 1 time fee.

Well , I did this the 4 times in a year SOCAN asks radio stations to do this....it was 1994 , Im still waiting for a royalty check.....I made ZERO.

I made some $$ back when...that's a simple thing to figure out, many stations ( USA too ) were playing our 2 singles ( 1982 ) so I the writer made money in the 80's and as soon as the hairbands were gone, so was my Royalty Checks.

The checks were not millions , god lord no...but some years , I made decent money from the writing.

Today I own a web radio station and I am awaiting a federal License for a Terrestrial Ground Based FM Station , were almost at the final stages of the very long process..funny thing tho , SOCAN contacts me.....they want 3% of my Monthly Gross ( Even the WEB STATION )

After I dropped the phone from laughing at them , I told them the story...they replied with " The ROlling Stones still get Writers Royalty checks from us "

I said thats because 90 % or more of radio stations both AM & FM and in the U SA as well play the damn stones.....so when that many entities play a band , you darn right youll get paid....I told them very nicely to drop off a check for my 95 -2 012 royalty's..they said sure...

Im still waiting ...as I suspected nothing , so in my sole view unless its a valid reputable Publisher , DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY to ANY ONE.....

Without us in Radio ..all FORMS of Radio....( WEB , AM - FM ) we promote what ever music format we choose for our stations....Classic Rock works well for me....but may not for you.

Radio opens the eyes of the consumer , and the CD buying public or iTUNES buyers , buy the music...they must be , people are still making Millions ( Often GAZILLIONS ) ....

So dont fret , the idea the artist are broke....look where any new artist now lives after 1 hit they wrote.....3 Million dollar house....that money does not come from Torrents LOL...some one bought the cd , and this will continue , people will make $$ off of music - and thats OK !!

The Buying public PAYS the ROYALTY'S , not the Radio Station or we could not afford to open. This holds true in the USA as well....to get my Broadcast License for my FM Station
I had to be incorporated, that meant a lawyer .

In closing , not only did I know this stuff...the lawyer confirmed what I knew...he too said dont pay that stuff , if anyone comes after you , call me...

I have had Zero problems with socan since I also sent them the lawyers name & address.

Whola - problem solved - WHOOPS you didnt ask that ...LOL Sorry ....my Tangents.

Use a good hosting company there is many , do not pay for a service your hosting company wishes to levy , my hosting is in the USA .....no royalty s there ( Hosting Level )

But a server is a must...I got all what I listed for a simple 9.99 , heck after I hit the 5,000
users a month , my hosting company bought adverting from me...once you get some numbers ( Listeners ) you can make a few dollars , it isnt rocket science ...then again it is easy for me I did work in Radio , Im awaiting the Federal License , so I have top notch equipment to play with...I use:

Beringer mixer board
Telephone Hybrid ( to put callers on air or record them ) Properly so they dont sound like a mic next to a speaker phone..cost for the Phone Hybrid 189.00
2 Industrial CD players ( 210.00 )
1 dbx 166 Compressor ( 200.00 used on Ebay )

Mics vary - from Behringer C1, C2 to a Sennheiser Mark II , ( tHE MARK ii cost 200.00 used , they dont make them anymore is my understanding...I maybe wrong tho...I used alot of these at the diff radio stations I worked at , many used this mic )

Spend 500.00 no more.....250.00 is nothing , you buy ( maybe not you per say ) PS3 games or Xbox or whatever is popular this week....these games here in Ontario cost 75.00 a few of the games aside...you can buy some of the gear I got...

I am going to use some of the gear in our Production room ( Always called Prod room or Prod )

If you go this route , prepare your shows....do research...it is sure a red face moment when a caller UP STAGES YOU because you didnt do your homework...

My hosting , allows the AUTO DJ ...so it plays Random when Im not doing a live show...then you easily make folders...I made a folder called " SPOTS " ( My commercials are in that folder ) " ID" Id I made...then you can again super easy this CentovaCast which is your front end of a hosting account...most use this .

Now you are able to say , take the folder that says " ID's " Which contain your stations ID's and maybe a few DJ ID's , you can now schedule them to play when YOU want ...its not hard to make it sound like your on air more than you really are...I have no staff to date...I will when the FM station goes On AIr, Ill have to hire then.

Now a days I have fun with this station...when I was using Shoutcast at home...it was a constant " Cranium Pain '

A Shoutcast hosting firm takes this non sense away...no re buffering , you have full control.

Its best to pay your Hosting a yr in advance , just make sure its not some kids who reg a domain and made things look like a large company....most are not large...owned by a few people...if they CAP your bandwidth....move on to someone else...many have Unlimited space and Bandwidth...I do.

I started in AUG of 2012...in AUG I had in 30 days 10 ppl listen....October 25 ppl tuned in, I was happy !

NOV..I have no idea what went on ( maybe some one can shed a light on this ) I suddenly had thousands come in.....I can only hold 25 at 1 time....they kept coming , after 1 guy drops out...slot filled in a nanosec...

Since NOV , every month got better now I see my monthly logs from 5K - 10 ish K

Thats a HUGE difference...BUT I do broadcast at 256 which is very high....and rippers cant beat em so to speak , dont wish to join...ahhh leave em alone...

Now I get smaller stations asking me to do Voice ID's for them....I do , but I charge just for my time....I bought ( I have to have these ) 35 Royalty Free Music CD's - cuts from : 15 to : 30 : 60 of the same song ....just the times are diff....I have 3 cd's of Sound Effects ( SFX ) if you want a semi pro sounding station , get good production music...

Hey IM Me if you req more help or a better explanation...

Goes for any one reading this...any hate IM's get deleted fast...I have no time for that , and IM too old to enter into a forum war LOL

Cheers n Beers

FM 106
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