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No Bass - strange issue with Winamp

Thanks so much in advance for you help!

I have a few toshiba laptop computers - windows 8... about 1 1/2 old.

I use two programs - Winamp and Virtual DJ

I have a strange issue with one of the laptops!

When I play tracks, DJ or karaoke tracks thorugh winamp, there is literally no bass and the tracks sounds very "tinty"... (the tracks on the other laptops sound fine!)

The obvious first thing I checked was the EQ - the EQ is working but it doesn't help the over all issue with the bass... the bass is just about non-existent and the tracks again sound very "tinty" and weak.

Playing the same track through Virtual DJ - it sounds fine! So it's not a cabling issue or sound card issue (at least I think).

And playing it through the other laptops is fine. But this one laptop there is an issue I've been trying to pinpoint the problem.

We tried the following...

1. Checked the EQ
2. Checked all Winamp setting to make sure they are the same as the other computers.
3. Made sure I had all Windows updates
4. Unistalled and reinstalled Winamp twice, we made sure we had the latest build.
5. Tried the same song using an external hard drive.... same issue with Winamp
6. Tried it with different songs - making sure it wasn't a bad file
7. Checked all Windows volume/eq settings
8. Tried to "restore factory settings" and then again match all setting on both computers.

It seems like its something with Winamp and the Sound card? or there is some setting I might be missing

Or is it possible there is an issue with this laptop... it's very strange to me that the same tracks sound absolutely fine using a different programs like virtual DJ.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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