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Ok, here's a stumper!

Atmo, I'll play...

I realize that some of this stuff isn't necessarily a WinAMP situation, but it's a stumper none the less...

Running WinAMP 2.x and shoutcast streaming. (Works great BTW! Thanks!) Also added the Winamp Radio Scheduler. Had to set the 2.x player to output to null (thanks for that output dsp too!) to live peacefully with stream output.

Monitored the 'station' with WinAMP 3.0 and set output to standard device (WAV) and worked great until the scheduler was installed, which unfortunately doesn't know the diff between each player, so whenever a 'jingle' or station ID plays (or any event that screws with the playlist), the 3.0 player whacks out and starts loading and playing from the playlist, but not using the station's 'random' selection... It goes off and does it's own independent thing and forgets that it was supposed to be playing the stream at localhost:mystreamingport.

So now I have to use that sucky competing player to monitor.

THEN, I got the bright idea to install a FM micro-transmitter to hear the station around the house with my walkman whilst mowing the lawn (yeah, right!) or goofing off in the garage/burning stuff on the BBQ out back or singing with my cheapo-plastic shower radio etc.

Added a DSP stacker to do limiter/compressor functions for the FM transmission as well.

So, I plug in this marvelous device (LineX - it IS cool!) which 'looks' like USB speakers to the WinBox-o-rocks and transmits the stereo FM radio signal thus, however M$ in it's wisdom chose to make the 'regular' sound-card non-existent while USB speakers are in use (which sucks big-time).

To top it off, M$ Media Player refuses to use this output and claims there's a problem with my sound card. Hmmmm... USB? Microsoft. Media Player? Microsoft. Drivers? Microsoft. Does it work? No.(!)

So, I guess my challenge is this;
1. Is there a way to make two sound cards (in this case, a 'real' sound card AND a USB 'speaker/device/transmitter') coexist peacefully?

2. Are you aware of any way to make the 3.0 player 'ignore' the Winamp Radio Scheduler events, while 2.x is under it's control?

3. This one's a stretch- Any insight into why M$ and their Media Player 9 wouldn't recognize USB speakers as a viable output device?

Hope this makes your day...!

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screams For Atmo.... totally lost me but good luck...

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