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Winamp Lite is NOT lite enough!!!

Dear Winamp Team,

First off.. people like me download Winamp Lite because we used to love its light weight & purity. But, the versions of Winamp Lite that is available now are bundled with a lot of trash like:

(1) Winamp agent
(2) Winamp Remote
(3) Winamp Toolbar
(4) "Set Winamp Search" as my default.
(5) A Link (50 free MP3 downloads).

Don't you people see that people like us prefer lite versions for only one reason. It has no trash and delivers exactly what we want. Nothing more.. nothing less. Just purity. That's the whole idea behind being "Lite".

But, now the lite version have started collecting a lot of trash, I now feel it's okay to use the bloated full version instead of the lite version as they make no much difference.

What makes it worse is, I've now started to use WMP11 instead of Winamp cos' installing another bloated player like Winamp along with the already existing bloated player like WMP11 doesn't sound very appealing.

People.. I used to love Winamp Lite for it's purity and efficiency. Just too good a piece of software. But now, you've just gone the way like all others and you current offerings are totally sub-standard.

Can you please provide a pure Lite versions of Winamp for audiophiles and purists like us who used to love Winamp Lite just for that.

ps: Winamp Lite.. we miss you. Hope someday you make a grand comeback. Hey Justin, R u still there? If you're still there, you already know what I mean.

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You do know that you can uncheck most of that crap if you don't wan't it, right? You still need to download it which if you are on dial-up might be painful, but you can definitely kill everything except the basic Winamp player.

Your mileage may vary!
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Complains like this will lead you nowhere. Benski and AOL will do whatever they like, you have no voice.

Take your own action instead. Install and fire up a virtual machine (VMWARE), install Winamp, take out everything you consider garbage, zip it up and voila – real lite version. That's what I did.
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Originally posted by j7n
Complains like this will lead you nowhere. Benski and AOL will do whatever they like, you have no voice.
I do what I can, but sadly it's more of a case of AOL doing whatever it likes.

That being said, it's fairly easy to unselect the "features" you don't like in the installer. You could also try the standard version (replace _lite with _std in the filename) which might be more suitable for you This installer is pre-made with only the features that I use myself.
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Yep.. that or just select the stuff you want to install from the lite

The only thing thats actaully bundled inside the installer from your list of 5 items is #1.

#2 - Ask if you want to download it
#3 - "

#4 - Just a few lines in the installer.. the installer do the job
#5 - "

Removing your #2-#5 from the installer wont even save 1kb. And Nullsoft gets a few $$ here and there for those stuff in the installer. Hey.. and your getting the best player out there for free.

Lite is suppose to be able to playback all audio files and thats it. Since 1999 there are a few more audio files that Winamp support so the size will be bigger. It dont include the better interface via modern skins, no help with sorting your media via media library and no video support (+ a few more stuff not included).

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Plus winamp remote and winamp toolbar is not included int he download, and are only downloaded if you check them in the installer.

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