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Sync Smart View playlist to device.

If I want to sync a Smart View playlist to my device, I have to do it manually. I clear an existing playlist (a regular playlist that is set to automatically update to my device), and then drag and drop the contents of the Smart View into the now cleared playlist. It would be 'smarter' if I can select Smart Views to sync to device.

Or, to do it another way, if Library Sync (Preferences, Media Library, Portables, -device name-, Sync tab) would display the list of Local Media Smart Views, and call it Smart View Sync.
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BUMP? Seriously...there's still no way to synch smart views??? I'm a developer, so if someone can point me in the right direction I'd try and write a plugin myself...that is, assuming you can read the smart view output and the device's playlists through the plugin.
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Bump again!

This is a much desired feature.

I'd also very much like smart views to be able to reference other playlists and/or smart views.

Heres a use case. I like to have full albums on my device, so I want to maintain a playlist of Albums to sync to my device, eg playlist "Albums To Sync". This represents a subset of my music collection that will be on my device.

I then want to create Smart Views that will be visible on the device, that only contains tracks in the playlist "Albums To Sync", eg ? playlist="Albums To Sync" AND year > 2009 AND rating > 3.

Hope this makes sense. :-)
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Bumpetty bump...

Love Winamp - opted for it over iTunes, WMP and DoubleTwist.

Gobsmacked that there are no "smart" playlist features.

Bit confused with some documentation that refers to a query editor and such ... which seems like a good idea but I can't seem to figure out how to use this to create a smart playlist: "Add all tracks that contain the word 'chillout'".

I don't really mind how it's done - smart views, query editor, reading-my-mind-via-USB ... just be nice if (a) the ability was there and (b) someone documented how to do it.

... although right clicking on a smart playlist and using dropdown fields etc would be even nicererer
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