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Recording any stream in Winamp - possible even without running Winamp?

What if there were a plugin which would add a RECORD button to Winamp? If a Winamp user was listening to something that they wanted to record because they wanted to listen later or download they could click a Record button within Winamp. When clicked it would record whatever stream is being listened to - even if user turned Winamp off. I think this would be awesome and I think it would literally be just a few lines of code. No need to fork output or grab network stream or anything complicated like that.

Here's how it would work. There's a new cloud recording service called DAR.fm which can record .pls or .m3u stream. (See: http://www.DAR.fm to try it out.) DAR.fm recently announced an API which allows for a PLS or M3U stream to be passed to it which it will then record for up to 4 hours. See: http://www.dar.fm/apiv1/ This means that it should be possible to have a RECORD button within Winamp which when clicked passes the currently listened to stream URL to the DAR.fm API to be recorded. After that the DAR.fm servers will record the stream for up to 4 hours (regardless if Winamp remains running) and make the resulting files available. If it detects songs it automatically chops recording into tagged songs. After the recording is done an email is sent to users telling them how to stream or download their recordings.

I think this would be a fantastic new functionality to add to Winamp. The question for this group is if the Winamp API exposes the currently playing stream. If so, then it will trivial to pass it to DAR.fm like this:


In the above example the station PLS is: http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/WQHTFM.pls
and joeuser@domain.com is the account name where the files will be stored and available for streaming or downloading.

If any Winamp programmers could answer the question if Winamp makes the PLS available that would be great!

-- MR
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stream ripping isn't allowed to be talked about on the forums (i would direct you to the rules page but it's not available at the moment from a recent forum software update). as such you'll never get anything natively implemented and as such, i have to lock this thread.

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