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NotSo Fatso plugin - Ripping NSF help


I have a bit of an issue here. I can rip the NSF file just fine, however it will make a single ginormous .wav file. Meaning all the songs will be combined in into a single .wav. But I want to rip the tracks in the soundtrack individually. track1.wav, track2.wav etc..

I'm Using:
Winamp 5.623
NotSo Fatso v.0.851

I read a bit around the readme file for NotSo Fatso and you can make a shadow>winamp so you can see the playlist and maybe if the tracks are shown on the playlist I could rip them individually. As I tried rippin the songs that way I get a pop-up error 8 times.. The number of times being the amount of songs... As it tries to rip each song the pop up comes up.. I tried rippin to .mp3 and .wav and same results..

Here are my settings on NotSo, config1,2,3, the shadow on playlist, and the settings I have on Diskwriter.. and the popup I get *error*.

I'm totally baffled here.. What am I doing wrong? how can I get these single tracks to rip correctly? Is there a better way of doing this? Thank you in advance.

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a filepath starting with nsf://0 is not a valid real file which is why it'll fail. as such out_disk is not a suitable plug-in for what you're trying to achieve.

as from what i remember, NotSoFatSo needs to have the filepaths like that in Winamp to be able to access the specific songs and without it then you cannot do the specific files at a time with out_disk. you'd need to look for an alternative which takes the output and writes it out from a DSP stage rather than an output stage (as you've been trying to do).

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Wow you got it ! so it was the filepath.... Man I would have never imagined it would be that..

For the ones having this problem in the future:
I fixed this problem by un-checking the option "output to directory containing source files" in the nullsoft disk writer preferences. apparently like DrO mentioned the filepath was invalid. I guess changing the location where the rip is going to be created screws it all up. Default it is.

Can't thank you enough DrO!
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