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Displaying my own created tag field in playlist

Okay, so I'll start with 'why', then I'll proceed to 'what'.

I have some (or... rather many) songs in some foreign languages. I would like to know their names in english without checking the comment box, so it would be great to show them on playlist. Also, I would like not to use this comment box, as it is full of rubbish in many of files.

The easiest way would be changing tags, but I use Last.fm, so I would like "track" tag to remain original. I tried it this way: in Preferences, i tried to edit "Advanced Title Formatting" (hope it's the name in english version) so it would show my 'personal' tag called "a". I added this tag to file in some other software. But, it didn't worked. Winamp seems to be able to read only tags listed below the Title Formatting window. Anyone can help me or something?
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Winamp can only display "standardized" tag fields.

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Where do I find a list of all the standardized tag fields?

I have a similar problem and was considering "re-purposing" some of the tags I don't normally use. Is there a list of all the tag fields recognized by Winamp?
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it all depends on the file format you're working with as to what tags are supported though http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....85#post2350085 has some (should be most of the common ones used) of the ones that are generally shared across the main formats supported in the player though like i say (and benski does in the post), it depends on the file type you're working with.

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Found the tag list

Thanks for the help. I also found the Winamp ATF Reference at http://media.winamp.com/main/help/50/atf/atf.htm

It looks like I could use:

This will let me keep the higher Unicode characters separate, especially useful since I often need to copy files to a mobile device that can't read them.

Mass tagging would be easy since MP3tag lets you name it's columns anything you want.
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Yeah, It sure looks like. But in reality ATF is such a limited option

It seems that users are confined only to the very basic fields:
as there are used by various formats

And by confined I mean a set up like this: I use FLAC, MP3, TTA and WV files. I need them to have [if needed] the exact same values in a given tag field. As long as I am tempering with data only within Mp3tag [2.86] there is no problem- I can create and store whatever I want [but I need to use a little of mapping for FLACs]. But the moment I want to see my data in Winamp the problems arise

Long story short [https://forums.mp3tag.de/index.php?showtopic=23514]: I ended up using tag field COMMENT for my The-Year-Of-Original-Recording-Or-Of-The-First-Live-Performance made up field ["Original Year" for short]. Because only COMMENT tag field is being read and displayed via the Advanced Title Formatting in all of those four formats. I could not use the PUBLISHER because it is not displayed for TTA files and could not use PRODUCER as it is not displayed by files stored in TTA and MP3 format. And of course the ORIGYEAR tag field is only displayed by less formats- only the WV ha no problem with it. And the rest [BITRATE, CATEGORY, DIRECTOR, FAMILY, KEY, MOOD, PLAYCOUNT, RATING, STREAMTITLE, TOOL, TRACKNUMBER, TYPE, VBR] was a total useless mess

It seems that the overall winner format for ATF is the WavPack. Beause WVs files in my Winamp [5.666] displayed data from almost any field that I threw at it

Or is it not a case of an option being limited [the ATF] but of the whole software [Winamp]? After all, the Mp3tag allows for creating made up fields and mapping, thus allowing for bypassing of formats limitations and user friendly unification of the nomenclature for cross-format system
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So like, is this a bug? A bug spread across different formats? And a big update of Winamp would fix them all, extending the usage of ATF?

Or should this be tuned into a request: to support via ATF specific fields for precise formats? Or this has nothing to do with Winamp itself but with .DLL plugins that govern the formats in Winamp [and so the requests should be made to the creators of those plugins]?
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