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Unhappy :(

Why I hear you cry!!

Well there are a load of people downloading MilkDrop (about 4,000 a day from and since Ryan has linked to my website I am getting about 50-100 hits a day downloading all the presets (no doubt a useful service) these forums are not growing in regular members.

Although the regulars are valued members (you all know who you are - no need to name names) to the forums what about all the rest of the veiwers of our hard worked presets (ok maybe that is a bit strong )

Come on people lets see those one time preset writers return. There have been about 15 people who have posted once and have disappeared into the abyss. We honestly like most of the work posted here! Come on we are not that bad are we?

Honestly it gones me and others a lot of inspiration for doing the mods of them. Surely the greatest form of flattery.

And some comments won't go amiss would they? Come on does anyone out there really like my Basic Electronica preset? Surely not

(Exam question: Please Discuss the merits/ pitfalls of this preset)

One of Unchained last presets the class 'Cranked on failure' is about the best with the reponse ratio 80 downloads (not included the ones from my site) to 4-5 comments.

Come people please respond are we doing all these presets for nothing? We haven't got a great following like the AVS boys have - we need all the support that we can get.


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