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[PHP] Shoutcast status image

I've been searching high and low, and I can't find anything that works.

if anyone could please edit this PHP to work so that it gets the shoutcast info from 7.html instead of MySQL?

Thank-you in advance!

PHP Code:

//--( set varibles here
$dbun "<mysql-username>";
$dbpw "<mysql-password>";
$dbnm "<mysql-database>";
$dbtb "<mysql-tablename>";
$frshimgurl "path/to/dynamic_banner.jpg";
$listener_c "0";
$listener_m "0";
$current_so "-n/a-";

//--( grab database info
$dbcn = @mysql_connect("localhost""$dbun""$dbpw") or $php_err "master database connection error (1)<br>";
$db   = @mysql_select_db($dbnm$dbcn) or $php_err "master database connection error (2)<br>";

$sql_0a "SELECT * FROM $db_table";
$res_0a mysql_query($sql_0a$dbcn);
    if (
$row_0a mysql_fetch_array($res_0a)) {
$listener_c $row_0a["listener_c"];
$listener_m $row_0a["listener_m"];
$current_so $row_0a["current_song"];
//--( end script

  //-----( print image

header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");
$im   imagecreatefromjpeg($frshimgurl);
$font1 ImageColorAllocate ($im255255255);
$font2 ImageColorAllocate ($im000);
$font3 ImageColorAllocate ($im150150150);
$cst_lentgh strlen($current_so);
    if (
$cst_lentgh >= "43") { $song_summary substr($current_so039)." ..."; }
    else { 
$song_summary $current_so; }
$hourdiffab   "0";
$timeadjustab = ($hourdiffab 60 60);
$curdateab    date("g:i A",time() + $timeadjustab);
$img_time     "$curdateab EST";
$img_date     date("M d, Y");
    if (
$im) {
ImageString($im26926"Now Playing: "$font3);
ImageString($im26940"We currently have ".$listener_c." of ".$listener_m." listeners tuned in and jamming!"$font3);
ImageString($im22849"$img_date - $img_time"$font1);
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