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Multiple Barix Instreamers into Shoutcast?

I've set up multiple Barix instreamers to stream to my Shoutcast server. I would like for the listener to be able to choose which stream they want to listen to. When I launch the server, it accepts the first stream, but gives me an error "Could not create stream, a source is probably already connected."

Obviously I'm a newbie at this. Is this scenario even possible? Is there a way to have multiple instreamers go into shoutcast?


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unless the source software supports the v2 protocol, only 1 source connection is possible against a v2 DNAS which is why you're seeing the error message that you are.

you could work around it with using sc_trans to act as an intermediate to convert the stream from v1 to v2 mode with the current source connected via a 'DJ' connection and sc_trans then connects to the DNAS in v2 mode which allows you to then have multiple inputs.

the other option would be in having the v2 DNAS changed to support individual port configurations for v1 source connections to be able to work around limitations in source software which is not yet (or going to be) updated to support the v2 protocol.

of the 2 options i can think off at the moment, the first is the one that can be tried out now, the second is one i've been thinking about adding to the v2 DNAS for a few months now but haven't had the chance to do anything towards it.

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