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What ever happened to the Q function?

I've just installed 5.666 on Wine this morning and I noticed that feature that was in previous versions is missing.

When did the ability to cue songs up in the play list just using the Q key dissapear from winamp? Unless I'm missing something??

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I think it's shift+enter now (that's what the right click menu says).

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That's for Enqueing songs from the Media Library into the Playlist Editor

To queue songs already in the Playlist Editor to be played next, it's Q or Alt+click

The only reason it won't work is if JTFE (gen_jumpex.dll) was unchecked during Winamp installation
(Installer > Choose Components page > User Interface Extensions > Extended Jump To File Support)

Note that there's an updated JTFE (and in_mp3.dll) available in the 5.666 release thread
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also if this is all being done under Wine, there is zero guarantee that the feature will even work with how it's implemented vs what Wine does or does not implement.
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