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Ripped output files stored in wrong folder

I am using a completely fresh install of WinAmp 5.52 on Windows XP SP2, with all the latest Microsoft updates, and with no additional WinAmp plugins; the install is entirely default, with all 'optional extras' selected (e.g. WinAmp Remote, etc.) and with separate settings for all users. The product was installed with an Administrator account, but is being used with a reguler user account (member of Users group).

I have set the destination folder to d:\flac\Jim, and left the naming convention as <Artist> - <Album>\## - <Trackartist> - <Title>.

I have ripped 3 CDs to FLAC files; the files for the first were written to the folder d:\flac\Jim\Miles Davis - Water Babies and had appropriate titles, e.g. 01 - Miles Davis - Water Babies.flac.

When I ripped the second album, these were written to the same folder, i.e. it seemed to have mis-identified the Album (the album was by the same artist), though the filenames were correct - i.e. the Trackartist and Title seem to have been identified OK. I stopped ripping after a couple of tracks, created a folder with the correct name, then resumed, and the output was written to the correct folder.

The same thing happened with the third CD - there was only one track, and it was written to the second album's folder. The artist name for this CD was different, so it looks as if WinAmp had somehow failed to identify botht the Album and Artist correctly.

What can I do?
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