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Winamp 3 out of screen....

I use Winamp 3 on a portable computer. Sometimes, I connect the computer to an external monitor to double the size of my desktop. Afterwards, if I use Winamp3 without my sigle monitor, I have no way to get back Winamp in the visible area.
With other software, I use the right mouse button of the application button in my tool bar to select "move" and then, using keyboard arrows, it is possible to bring back the application window in the visible area. But this is not possible with Winamp... sadly.

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You'll lose all your settings... but if you delete studio.xnf, it will be recreated the next time you start Winamp with default values which will put Winamp back in the visible screen.

The other option is to edit studio.xnf which stores all positions of all the windows on a PER SKIN BASIS. Its just an xml file... but its not for the average user.... so you may be better off getting rid of the whole thing and starting from scratch.

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It is possible to edit studio.xnf with notepad to correct this problem. Hopefully in the future this will be corrected in Winamp so that the windows can be moved by right clicking on the winamp icon in the taskbar and selecting "move".

Close winamp. Before editing studio.xnf, make sure you make a copy which you can restore if need be. Then look for the entries that have the following format. Your numbers will be different. The four values are left, right,top and bottom position. My problem was that my left value was set for dual monitor mode, "2021", and I simply changed that to a value in the 200's. If you are too high on the screen you can change the third value in each of the following sections; Container:Main,Container:Pledit,Container:Media Library,Container:Thinger, and Container:Winamp Browser. Maybe try values in the 300's, then save the file and restart winamp. That fixed my problem, I hope it helps you out.

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