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Wired headset button handling bug

The Android app seemingly triggers on the DOWN event of the wired headset button being pressed, and this breaks applications that offer options based on short- and long-press of this button (such as "Choice Dialer", which can launch on either a long- or a short- press on the wired headset button).

A better implementation would be to have Winamp process the UP event of the button, and then only when the time difference between the event and its preceding DOWN event fall below a threshold (such as 100 msecs), as this would equate to a short press.

This would permit other apps to respond to long presses (say, where they process the events in the same manner, and require the UP event to follow the DOWN event by AT LEAST 200 msecs).

This would make WinAmp a better neighbor in an Android phone, and users would achieved greater utility from the limited number of modeless buttons.
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