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Podcasts not syncing properly

Hello everyone, this is a problem I encounter with Winamp on PC while syncing with the SD of a Sony Xperia Sola, so I am not sure where to post this, here or in the android forum.

Anyway, I want to do something quite simple: download podcasts and have them synced on my SD, each one in its own folder.
I cannot find a way to make it work. It downloads everything fine, but upon syncing I get episodes of the same podcast copied in different albums or folders.
A practical example:
The podcast: Our Fair City. Episodes are correctly downloaded and displayed in the right order with the right title in Winamp on PC.
However, one episode that appears in Winamp on PC under the Subscriptions tab under Podcasts:
Episode 3.15 - A Lady, Bespoken
appears on Winamp for android under an album folder named "Our Fair City" as
- 1 - A Lady, Bespoken
But another episode of the same podcast
1.6 part 2 - The Science Fair
appears under another album folder named "Our Fair City" as
- 1 - The Science Fair
In other cases, if the people speaking in the podcast change, and that is reflected in the title or the metadata, while the episode is still an episode of a given podcast, new album folders will be created to contain separately the various episodes with different speakers.

Is it possible to force winamp to do the right thing, i.e. create a single album for each podcast and put all episodes in there, in the correct chronological order?
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