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Music playlist/folder management on SD card

First off, a little background. I own a VW with the Premium 8 touchscreen radio. It has a media input which supports a USB input of which I have an SD card attached. The interface is very slow, and clunky. Those who might own one know what I mean. What I've done to speed up browsing is manually created 26 folders named A thru Z, and I manually put each band in the corresponding folder, and playlists have their own folder.

I was wondering if Winamp has the ability to put artists in the corresponding folder as I add them to the library as opposed to putting them in the root of the card. Also was wondering if it could create playlist folders. For example if I create a playlist in Winamp and add songs to that playlist if it can create a folder of that playlist on the SD card..

I hope I'm making sense here..

Thanks in advance for any help..
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I don't think Winamp can alpha sort in the way you are trying there.

Winamp will rip music to folders based on Artist name. Which will be alpha sorted. But Winamp does not otherwise do any rearranging of the folders in the music library.

There are some tweakable options when transferring files from the main Winamp library over to the SD Card. I don't know if a bit of clever work with manually edited play lists may get you there. If the card is inserted as "device" you can check the preferences in Winamp when the SD Card is inserted and see if you can get it to do something close to your needs.
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