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New to WinAmp window too small

Just downloaded WinAmp and have 2 major problems. First the window/module is too small for me to read/see and couldn't find any way of making it bigger. Second, on the help page is shows a line with file/view/etc. that I don't have on mine and can't find how to turn it on. Without these two feature, WinAmp will be useless to me.
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Making Winamp bigger:
* If you have the classic skin (with black and green colors) you can enable DoubleSize mode by pressing Ctrl-D.
* If you have the modern skin (with a bluish-silvery colortheme) you can make it as big as you want by right-clicking the window --> window settings --> scaling

To use the menubar, you'll need the modern skin. To select it, right-click the window --> Skins --> Winamp Modern. If you don't see it, you'll need to re-install Winamp (be sure that you have Winamp Full downloaded, not Winamp Lite) and make sure you install it with modern skin support. The menubar *should* be enabled by default. If it isn't, right-click the player (once you are using the modern skin) --> options --> Winamp Modern --> Menus. Make sure all three items are checked.

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Thank you so much. I can now see WinAmp and have the file bar.

Now to load favorite midis into a WinAmp playlist. The Help is confusing. I have all my midis under c:\My Music by folders. I don't want to load all midis from a certain folder into WinAmp, just my favorites. Can't see how to get the midi playing into my new WinAmp playlist; keeps bringing up my master playlist. It's not dragable, and right click doesn't seem to work either. My first folder I only want 8 out of my master folder that holds 55.
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