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Question error mmapping file (...) is out of range. largest file that compiler can handle?

today i want to test my installer and the compiler brings up an error:


lots of files
Internal compiler error #12345: error mmapping file (2141109114, 1009288) is out of range.

Note: you may have one or two (large) stale temporary file(s)
left in your temporary directory (Generally this only happens on Windows 9x).

when the error occurs, he has copied (?) about 5 gigabytes of data and 29.576 files and 897 directories. total amount of data is 7,38 GB.
when i compress the whole thing i hoped to get at the end one 2-3 gigabyte file, cause with winrar and strongest compression level i reach 2,7 gb.

what can i do now to get this thing work. i can't delete some files. unnecessary are already deleted.

and one "m" of "...mmaping...." above is too much. but that's triviality.

i've cleared my temp folder and drive c: has 20 gig's of free space which should be enough. and i'm not running out of space anywhere on my harddisks, if the compiler doesn't save it temporarly on c:\.

is there a known limit? can im compress my files with winrar and let the installer decompress it i.e. with "UnRAR for DOS" or what else?
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You can't compress over 2GB of data into the installer itself. You can use one of the available solutions like CABSetup or an external archive with 7z.exe or some other archiving tool.

The first "m" of "mmaping" stands for memory and should be there.

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